Aarium helps big organisations grow digital with white-label turnkey marketplace solutions.

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Fairs & Exhibitions

Provide your customers more sales, reach and value by taking your fairs and exhibitions online! We take the experience to the next level by combining the live with the digital presence. Our multi-vendor software enables you to break through the limitations of time and space and extend your event far beyond the geographical realities of your current business. Stop dreaming of future and start growing your business now.

Consumer Fairs Trade Fairs

Event management

Save time and money by streamlining your organisations signups and ticket sales. We are currently the only software that lets big organisations provide their customers and members a shared event management service. Our solution can scale for as many event-managers as you need and supports multiple admins per event-manager. Stop wasting time and ask for a free trial!

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Marketplace for different needs

With our multi-vendor solution you can have as many sellers and users as you need. With its modular design you can customize it to include just the features you really want!


Data & Communication

Provide your users an easy way to search, find and communicate with eachother


Product sales

Let merchants sell their goods through your website


Event Management

Let your users organize signups and ticket sales and keep track of events success


Activities & Renting

Let your users sell activities, trips or rent goods for other users easily

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Our Team


Joona Forss
CEO, Founder

Joona is the leader, the chief, the shepherd. Joona can help you with anything especially if its about finances, investments or partnerships. He is the man with the strongest vision but shortest hair!


Sami Saloheimo
Sales Director, Co-Founder

Sami is in charge of the sales and account management. If you have inquiries, ideas, questions, proposals or vain dreams contact him. He helps you to help your customers and is always at your disposal.


Markus Kumpulainen
CTO, Founder

Markus will make your wildest technical dreams come true. He is in charge of product development and with his mad skillz Aarium has become what it is - the greatest and user friendliest marketplace on the market.


Lassi Piironen
IT specialist, Co-Founder

In all the great stories there is always a wizard behind the heroes. Lassi is exactly that - the wizard of Aarium. Every part of Aarium's intricate backend is woven with his swift and precise hands.

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